About Me


Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! My name is Elizabeth Joy Rodriguez and I’m the gal behind Beth’s Wholesome Kitchen. I was born and raised in Laredo, TX and currently live in San Antonio, TX. I moved here in 2013 to study Kinesiology at UTSA and graduated in 2015 (Go Runners!). In 2019, I finished up my Master’s degree in Kinesiology at UT Tyler!

My love for delicious and wholesome food started after I graduated from high school. Since then, I’ve basically been following a paleo way of eating. It’s just what makes me feel my best! I’ve completed two Whole30’s within the past two years and absolutely love what each reset has done for my body! The way I was eating before I decided to do my first Whole30 made it much easier for me to transition to a Whole30 way of eating. I had already strayed away from legumes, gluten, soy, dairy, grains, alcohol, etc. because I noticed that my digestion, energy levels, and skin were doing much better without those foods. Whole30 and food freedom has helped me gain confidence in deciding what foods are worth it and what foods aren’t, especially in situations when I’m traveling or during special occasions, without feeling guilt. When I’m not Whole30-ing, I follow a paleo way of eating and do enjoy non-paleo foods when I feel it is worth it for me! I mean, let’s be honest, I am not 100% clean paleo. I have learned that it is okay to have a little freedom with the food I eat.

If you want to better your overall health, follow along! 💗