Mango Lemonade

It’s summer time!! 2020 has been a crazy year and we will be staying at home for the summer. If corona herself hadn’t shown up, we probably would have made a trip to Austin, maybe a trip to the beach, maybe both? Needless to say, we will be staying in and will enjoy the Texas heat from our patio (or even inside the house because it’s just THAT hot). Nothing sounds better than sipping on a cold refreshing cup of lemonade in this Texas heat! One of my boyfriend’s favorite fruit is mango, so I decided to combine mango with the classic lemonade and it’s a match made in tropical heaven. This recipe is super duper easy to throw together in no time! I like to use a giant 64 oz. mason jar to make this mango lemonade because you literally just throw all the ingredients in, shake it up, and you’re good to go! Once I made this lemonade and tasted it, it reminded me so much of the juices called Jumex that I’d drink at my grandparents house! My favorite was the mango variety and this tastes like Jumex mixed with lemonade. So gooooooood!


To sweeten this lemonade, I use a homemade honey simple syrup. It’s super duper easy to make and you’ll have leftovers that you can use for sweetening coffee, cocktails, mocktails, anything you want! We like our lemonade more on the tart side, but you can add more or less sweetener depending on what you like! I like to freshly squeeze my own lemon juice, but you can totally use the freshly-squeezed lemon juice from your local grocery store. Make sure that it is just pure lemon juice with nothing else added! For the mango juice I use the Lakewood organic mango blend because it doesn’t have any sketchy ingredients!


  1. Add all ingredients to a large 64 oz. mason jar or pitcher, stir or shake together, and serve!


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