Weekly Workouts


This week, my workout schedule looks a little different! I usually always have my rest day fall on a Wednesday, but this week I decided to make my rest day on Monday. If you’ve been following me over on Instagram, you know that I have been going through an interview process for a company. Monday was my 4th and final INTENSE interview with the company! It was about a three hour long interview. I’ve never been through such an intense interview process in my life, but it was sooo worth it! Literally an hour after my interview was over, I received a phone call from the company saying that I was being offered the job! I’m super excited and my training starts on March 18th! When I got back from that interview, I felt super exhausted. I think it was because I had been pouring my heart and dedication into nailing the entire interview process. My body just needed some rest to recuperate from all the stress!

I’ve changed up the format a little bit. I decided to stop adding in my warm-ups to these images! I feel like you already have an idea of how I create my warm-ups. I just focus on slowly raising my heart rate and warming up all the muscle groups I’ll be using for my workout. Both the warm-up and cool down are VERY important, so please don’t skip these! Make sure to scale this down or up to fit your fitness level and always make modifications when needed! Remember, you can save these images to your phone for later OR, if you are a Pinterest user, click here and you can pin these workouts for later! I’ll be adding the pin for this workout later today!

Monday Rest Day

Tuesday's Workout

Wednesday's Workout

Thursday's Workout

Friday's Workout

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