Weekly Workouts

Welcome to week three of weekly workouts! This week, I took an extra rest day because my body just wasn’t feeling it and that’s okay! I always listen to my body. If my body just isn’t feeling it that day and needs that extra rest day, I’m going to give it that extra rest day. If you ever wake up that day with the intention of exercising, but your body is just not feeling it, listen to your body! That’s just your body telling you that it really needs some extra rest and TLC. I used to be one who would become so fixated on a certain workout schedule and I’d have to make the workout happen whether my body was feeling it or not. Luckily, I grew out of that and listen to my body. I know that when I give my body what it wants, I’ll be 100% for my next workout! When I don’t listen to my body, I become sluggish and I just don’t do my best with my workouts. The takeaway message here is to always listen to your body!

I love full-body circuit workouts! This is why I always share circuit workouts. Some of my workouts are exercise machine based workouts too. I asked over on my IG stories what you all would like for me to share between circuit workouts only and machine and circuit workouts. You all chose both machine and circuit workouts, so I’ll be sharing more exercise machine workouts! It’s more difficult to film machine workouts since I go to the gym on my own, so for those I won’t be able to post any videos over on my IG. Honestly, if you google the movements you’ll definitely be able to find out how to perform the movements!

On Friday, I gave the gliding discs a try for my workout and I’m obsessed! It really challenges your core. I’m definitely going to have to come up with more gliding disc workouts. If you don’t have access to any gliding discs, you can totally use two small towels, one for each foot. Just make sure you are working out on a smooth, flat surface! I hope you all enjoy these workouts! Remember that you can click on the workout you like and save the image to your phone to keep for later when you go out and kick some booty! Don’t forget to tag me over on Instagram and use the hashtag #bwkfitness!

My absolute favorite cardio machine to use for my warm-up is the zero runner since I have knee issues! Do you have a favorite cardio machine? Let me know in the comments below!

monday rest day

tuesday rest day

wednesday workout

thursday workout

friday workout

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