What I Ate in a Day (Whole30)

I haven’t done a What I Ate in a Day blog post in a long while! I think the first and last one I did was waaaaay back in September. That’s such a long time ago! I really want to make it a point to do more of these blog posts. I truly love to share the meals I eat because I want to inspire others to cook at home and eat nourishing, nutrient dense food! I am currently doing a Whole30 and am on day 4. I started the second week of January because I was out of town and wanted to wait until I got home to start. When I’m not Whole30ing, I follow a paleo way of eating. These meals that I’m sharing with you today are all meals I’d eat whether I’m completing a Whole30 or not because they’re delicious! Let me give you all the details of what I ate in a day!



This is my go-to breakfast that I make pretty much every single day. It’s easy, filled with veggies, and keeps me full until lunch! If you want to see a recipe that is very similar to what I eat on a daily basis, check out my plantain breakfast hash recipe! I always mix and match with whatever veggies and protein source I have on hand, but that is basically the template I follow. Here, I sautéed some small diced sweet potato, onion, bell pepper, mushrooms, no sugar added bacon, and spinach. I seasoned everything with a little Himalayan salt and black pepper and then plated it. I added some more avocado oil to the pan and fried up some sunny side up pasture raised eggs. Of course, I added a little bit of avocado on the side because I am obsessed! I added a little more Himalayan salt and black pepper to the eggs and avocado. My boyfriend is currently sick, so I made myself a cup of Traditional Medicinals echinacea plus tea. I love that brand! I have a collection in my cupboard because I just can’t get enough. That was my super yummy and filling breakfast for the day!



Lunch time! I don’t know about you, but I love Chipotle! For easy lunches and dinners, I like to make homemade Chipotle bowls because they honestly come together in no time. It’s even easier to put together when you have the cilantro lime cauliflower rice and the chili spiced ground beef pre-prepped! On my plate, I have some cilantro lime cauliflower rice (recipe coming next week), chili spiced ground beef, sautéed onion, and a big ol’ scoop of homemade guacamole. You can never go wrong with homemade guac! I garnished with some chopped cilantro and added a few dashes of Frank’s Red Hot original hot sauce. If you’re completing a Whole30 and want to taste this hot sauce, make sure you get the original hot sauce and not their other flavors because they are not compliant! Don’t forget, I have a recipe for chili spiced ground beef under the beef recipes tab! I also enjoyed a half a bottle of the delicious pink lady basil GT’s Kombucha with my lunch because probiotics are the best!



Last but not least, dinner! One thing that is really important to me is having a delicious and filling dinner. I don’t like when I wake up in the middle of the night feeling hungry! This was a super filling meal and it was made all on one sheet pan! I won’t share the exact details because this was an experiment for a future recipe. It totally worked out and I’ll be sharing the recipe with you all soon! My boyfriend and I loved it and ate it so quick. I know you’re not supposed to eat quickly, but it was so good and we couldn’t help it! I made some creamy lemon and herb roasted salmon with roasted carrots and parsnips. I topped everything off with an extra squeeze of lemon and some chopped parsley. I honestly can’t wait to share this recipe with you all because it’s so yummy!

Hey everyone! My name is Elizabeth and I'm the gal behind Beth's Wholesome Kitchen. I'm a lover of all things health and wellness! On my blog, you'll find nourishing recipes, ways to improve overall health, and lots of positivity. Follow along if you'd love to learn more!

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