Kombucha Mocktail

I don’t really even like to call this a recipe because it is so easy! This kombucha mocktail is my go-to whenever I want to sip on something that isn’t an alcoholic beverage. This is also great for those of you who are completing a Whole30! I do want to mention that there is a minuscule amount of alcohol in the kombucha because of the fermentation. Since it is such a small amount, it is compliant and okay to have during your Whole30. Kombucha is loaded with probiotics! This is why I love to sip on some kombucha almost everyday. What are probiotics you ask? Probiotics are the good bacteria that your digestive system loves because it helps keep your gut healthy! Whenever I feel that my digestive system needs a little extra love, I make sure to drink some kombucha. It helps me a bunch!

For those of you who are Whole30ing and have gatherings to attend, this is a great option! You can take a couple cans or bottles of sparkling water or mineral water and your favorite compliant kombucha to make a kombucha mocktail to enjoy. Another option is to offer to host the gathering, that way you have everything on hand and don’t have to worry about taking your own stuff! The compliant kombucha that I like to use is the GT’s brand. Make sure not to buy from their Alive line or their higher alcohol content kombucha (you have to be 21+ to purchase these) because those are not compliant. They are off limits during your Whole30, but is okay to have as part of your food freedom. I’ve tasted so many of their flavors and they’re all delicious! Here, I decided to use the cosmic cranberry flavor along with some Topo Chico. Don’t forget to give this mocktail a try when you’re at your next social event!

Paleo | Whole30


  • GT’s kombucha (or your favorite compliant kombucha)
  • mineral or sparkling water


  1. Fill your cup 1/3 – 1/2 the way with kombucha.
  2. Fill up the rest of the way with your mineral or sparkling water. It’s that easy!


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