What I Ate in a Day

I’ve really liked sharing the meals I eat on Instagram with you guys, but figured I’d share what I eat in a day here on the blog! I typically follow a paleo and whole30 way of eating because that’s just what makes my body feel great. I really don’t like using the word “diet” because, for me, dieting has been surrounded by restriction and negativity. With a paleo or whole30 way of eating, I’m definitely not restricting myself of foods. I’m really just eating foods that help me function better on a daily basis, like having better sleep, increased energy levels, better digestion, all the good stuff!

Here’s what I ate in a day:


Every morning, I literally wake up so excited for breakfast! Seriously, it’s my favorite meal of the day. Here I have a veggie and sausage sauté with mushrooms, onion, bell pepper, cabbage mix, and Mulay’s breakfast sausage topped with two Vital Farms eggs. I also have a Mikey’s paleo english muffin sliced in half, one side topped with NuttZo paleo crunch power fuel and the other with Dastony raw hazelnut butter. Ya’ll know how great NuttZo is already so I don’t really need to brag about them, but you need to try the raw hazelnut butter because it’s delicious! It’s so much better than the overly unnecessarily sweet stuff. Oh, and some avocado on the side because it’s my obsession. Without the english muffins, this dish is completely whole30!


For lunch, I was craving meatballs with tomato sauce because I hadn’t had it in a looooong while! I made some Italian turkey meatballs, simmered them in some Organico Bello Kale Tomato Basil pasta sauce, and added lots of fresh basil to the sauce. I love this sauce because there’s no added sugar and the ingredients are super simple. To keep it easy, I sautéed some cauliflower rice and topped it off with with the turkey and tomato sauce. This dish is both paleo and whole30. Delizioso!


Dinner was another super easy meal to put together! The other day I roasted some sweet potatoes the way Kristen from Living Loving Paleo does and I will always use her method! I had some leftover, so I had it on the side with a BUBBA turkey burger patty and some deliciously roasted crispy broccoli. I topped the turkey patty with some Primal Kitchen mayo and mustard and called it a day! This dish is completely paleo and whole30.


When I’m not whole30-ing, I pretty much have to have a piece of Eating Evolved chocolate because it’s the best paleo and clean ingredient chocolate ever! It’s also because I’m such a chocoholic and can’t resist a piece of chocolate on the daily. SO GOOOOOOD!

Hey everyone! My name is Elizabeth and I'm the gal behind Beth's Wholesome Kitchen. I'm a lover of all things health and wellness! On my blog, you'll find nourishing recipes, ways to improve overall health, and lots of positivity. Follow along if you'd love to learn more!

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